Humanitarian and Socio Civic Services is a collection of services and development activities to enhance the quality of life of families, communities and qualified target beneficiaries of Fortis Vinculi Eagles Club. It aligns to one of the prominent slogans of the The Fraternal Order of Eagles - Philippine Eagles dubbed, "Touching Lives" through a proper selection, assessment and qualification process in identifying worthy recipients.


The Community Safety and Security program is a set of briefings, training, communication, and education activities and projects to help communities, LGUs, public and private government support groups protect communities and critical infrastructure and services against natural and man-made disasters. Fortis Vinculi Eagles Club aims to play an active role in community safety to lessen the impact of man-made and natural disasters. It also hopes to contribute to the ability of communities to work closely with law enforcement agencies in suppressing criminality through an effective education, training support and awareness programs.


Membership Development is a portfolio of services, activities, events, and projects the objective is to enhance the abilities, capabilities, knowledge, and skills of charter members. These will enable charter members to participate actively and contribute effectively to the chartered club programs, projects, and activities. Membership development includes developing leadership capabilities of chartered members.