Oath Taking & Induction Ceremony, Regional Officers EY 2024, CVR XIV

The Oathtaking and Induction ceremony for the new officers of Central Visayas Region 14 unfolded with great success, marking a momentous occasion for the region. Under the leadership of Governor Leandro Paralisan and Vice Governor Aris Gil Prieto, the inauguration was conducted by the esteemed Eagle Kuya Arnold De Asis, PHD, National Vice President for Visayas, adding an air of significance to the proceedings.The ceremony itself was a testament to the commitment and dedication of the incoming officers, symbolizing the beginning of their official roles and responsibilities within the region. The presence of Eagle Kuya Arnold De Asis, a prominent figure in the organization, added prestige to the event, highlighting its importance on a national level. Following the formalities of the Oathtaking, the celebration continued with a delightful dinner at One8 Resto Bar, renowned for its delectable local cuisine. Nestled in the vibrant City Time Square Mandaue, the venue provided a fitting backdrop for the post-ceremony festivities, creating an atmosphere of camaraderie and celebration.